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A Close Reading of Shakespeare On Your Feet

What You Need:
Click on the “Reading On Your Feet” link below to watch Caleen Jennings work through a monologue from Romeo and Juliet and demonstrate techniques that your students will be using.
Petruchio speech

Reading On Your Feet – Try this link if the first link doesn’t work.

8th Graders Physicalizing:
Physicalization Practice
Physicalization Practice 2

Frisco Public Library Teen Writers Group

The Frisco Public Library Teen Writers Group meets this Saturday at 3pm in the Teen Room. We’ll be talking about “How to Submit Your Hit!” Group goers will learn how the submission process works, what the etiquette is, and what they can do to get their work directly to the editor’s desk. This talk includes tips from former publishing professional, Brittney Cossey. Brittney worked as an publishing intern, which means she has first-hand experience with the “slush pile” – and she’s the person that passes work to the editor.

Anyone 12 to 18 that is interested in publishing but not sure how to start the process is encouraged to come. That’s in the Frisco Public Library Teen Room, 3pm on Saturday, February 25th. We look forward to seeing you there!


ToTS: A Love Story via Twitter/Chirpstory

8th Grade:  Taming of the Shrew

NPR: The topic is something that Shakespeare himself might have found interesting and worth writing about. Also, what literary device is used in the title of this article?

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 Chirpstory: Chirpstory is your tool for creating and sharing stories from Twitter. A complete curation experience you won’t find anywhere else.

A Love Story from @John Fuselsang Introduction Introduction from yositosi on Vimeo.

Chirpstory Experience on Vimeo

Chirpstory Experience from yositosi on Vimeo.

Dickens At 200: A Birthday You Can’t ‘Bah Humbug’


“Tuesday marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens — the great 19th century English novelist who gave us stories of pathos and comedy, and colorful portraits of the people of London, from the poor in the back streets, to the rich in the parks and avenues.”

Read the full article here:






Shakespeare or Not

How can the greatest of playwrights leave so little information of his life?What the world know of William Shakespeare’s life can be summed up in a few pages.  Thus, the authorship of Shakespeare continues.  Click on the following links to learn more.


The Teen Writers Group

“The Teen Writers Group is in its second season swing at the Frisco Public Library! Aspiring writers aged 12 to 18 are encouraged to join and learn about the ins and outs of the writing life. The group meets on the fourth Saturdays on the month at 3:00 to 4:30 in the Teen Room. Future discussions include:

February 25th – How to Submit Your Hit and Stay Out of the Slush Pile

–        We’ll explain how to email editors, how to package your work, and how to write the best query letter of all time – as well as just talk about how you can get your work straight to the editor’s desk. This discussion includes lessons from a former publishing intern!

March 24th – Meet Sci-Fi Author Mike Smith!

–        Mike Smith is the author of The Martian Marauders, a new ebook now available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Involves a talk on ebook publishing and a Q and A with the author.

 April 28th – Meet Short Story Author Glen Pourciau!

–        Glen’s book Invite, a collection of ten stories, won the Iowa Short Fiction Award and was published by the University of Iowa Press. Involves a talk on short story writing and a Q and A with the author.


This is a wonderful opportunity for young writers to learn essential lessons about the craft and its possible career paths, as well as meet others their age with their same interests. Please pass this along to anyone interested. Thank you!”

Heritage Student Elected Regional BPA President

Deja Gamble, a freshman at Heritage High School, is the newly elected Regional President for Area I, Region III Business Professionals of America. She will be attending Leadership Training, the National Leadership Conference, the State Leadership Conference and will organize and lead a Fall Leadership Conference next year, according to Jerry Burks, BPA advisor.