CTC – Peace Like A River

CTC Roles. These roles should rotate every 2-3 days so that everyone has a chance at each role.

Discussion Director: facilitates the discussion from the previous evening’s reading; may ask members to provide summaries; use the discussion questions from the novel; keeps track of the daily log.

Techniques & Devices Examiner: locates the literary techniques and rhetorical devices (check google docs) that are particularly noteworthy of a closer investigation, especially the motifs; be sure to go beyond the obvious.

Critical Passages Examiner: locates passages that are worthy of a group discussion and offers insight to the novel or to the writer’s style.

Heroic Quest, Tragedy, Romance: locates those elements associated with these types of storytelling.

CTC Structure:
DD leads the day’s discussion through the summaries, the discussion questions
Literary techniques/Rhetorical devices
Critical Passages
Heroic Quest, Tragedy, Romance

Silent Discussion Big Paper Protocol

Daily Log: Keep track of the following information:
Everyone’s role
Topics discussed
Plan for the next CTC day
Who was unprepared


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