Philosophy and Point of View

In Sophie’s World, we have reached the pivotal chapter “Bjerkely.” While reading this chapter keep in mind your understanding of point of view.  You will need to have a thorough understanding of “Bjerkley” in order to understand the chapter “The Enlightenment.”  Also, yesterday (4.03.12) we viewed Jill Bolte Taylor‘s stroke of insight (2008) TEDTalk video that presented several topics related to perspective and reality and that shared the idea of answering the question of  “who are we?”.

1. What does POV mean philosophically?
2. How does the epigram for this chapter connect? What is the significance of the mirror?
3. Where are we in this chapter?
4. What philosophers/philosophies are quoted in this chapter? Has the history of philosophy helped in understanding this chapter?
5. How does the chapter end? What is Hilde’s conclusion?

Challenge: What archetype is Albert Knag?
Challenge: If you had to create an analogy for this chapter, what would it be?

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