Writing the Final Draft

If you choose to write your final draft on college-ruled loose-leaf paper, follow these guidelines:

* Write in BLUE or BLACK ink for the entire composition.
* Add the complete heading in the upper left: Name/Class/Period/Date:

          First Name and Last Name
          GT ILA Grade ____
          Periods  */*
          26 September 2012

* Center the title on the top line. Punctuate properly.
* Skip a line and begin your first paragraph.
* Stay between the two red margins.
* Only write on the back if the pen does not bleed through the paper.
If you choose to type your paper, follow these guidelines:

* Set your margins at 1″ for  top/bottom/left/right.
* Use Times New Roman or Arial font only from beginning to end.
* Use 12pt font size only from beginning to end.
* Single-space your heading.
* Center your title. Punctuate properly.
* Skip line space and begin your first paragraph.
* Set the body of your paper at 1.5 line-spacing.

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