Your collaborative group has chosen a specific vignette for closer study of diction, images, tone. Your team is responsible for facilitating the learning and discussion for your vignette. What skills/concepts do you want your peers to learn? Why? How will you know that they’ve learned what you wanted them to learn? What activity will you have them do, if any? You will have 10-15 minutes to complete your task. One member of your team must post your plan(s) in the comments.

Identify your table number and first name of team members: Table # (Name, Name, Name, etc).

Table 1: “Papa Who Wakes up in the Dark”
Table 2: “Born Bad”
Table 3: “Edna’s Ruthie”
Table 4: “And Some More”

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  1. Edna’s Ruthie Lesson Plans

    They will learn how to identify poetic elements-

    Review of figurative language (happens first)

  2. Our plan is to make the other group identify at least 5 phrases, making them incorporate their knowledge of phrases that we have been taking notes of over the past few weeks. We found ten different phrases, so the first team to get them all will win. There is no prize. We will know if they learn if they are able to identify at least 5 phrases, but if they get all 10 we will know that they have been studying their notes and practicing.

  3. Our group chose “And Some More” because it is very confusing without quotation marks due to the miss understanding of who said what. We want everyone to know quotation marks are very important in writing and reading. We will know you have learned what we want you to have learned by making you all read the chapter once normally and a second time adding in quotation marks and who said what. Quotation marks are very important if you want to understand the passage correctly. You need to know who said what in order to comprehend the conversation among characters. You can also find the attitude of the characters. Without quotation marks it is harder to find the tone. You can find images in people’s speech. You can identify details also. You can also identify different perspectives. Nenny thinks it is funny. Lucy thinks they are joking. Esparenza thinks it is serious.
    Aubrey Mahalingam, Vandana Ganesh, Sean Bancod, and Bienvenido Perono III

  4. Born Bad😎 Lesson Plans
    •Using the literary elements and diction
    they will determine the overall tone
    of the passage
    • They will analyze a metaphor and
    the imagery used to interpret meaning

    Once learned, Always learned(2):
    •Critical Thinking- they will be able to
    analyze a metaphor and the imagery used
    • They will,using the imagery in the
    passage, depicting the tone.
    •Collaborative Thinking- They will be
    able to provide evidence as a group
    for the tone in the passage

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