A Wrinkle (Back) in Time

Imagine that this is the first week of school.

Welcome, 6th graders! I’m Mrs. Caskey, and THIS is your GT ILA classroom! Take a look around. What kind of thinking do you feel that you’ll be doing this year?

Remember the information that I shared with you at the Parents and Students Meeting? Remember the information that my older GT students shared with you? I hope so because it will help you navigate your way to SUCCESS. And, we all want to be successful! Can I hear a “YES”?

In this classroom:

  •  We organize our work.
  • We prepare to learn every day.
  • We participate.
  • We study.
  • We think.
  • We listen.
  • We try.
  • We accept the challenges that new learning brings.


  Learning Materials:

  • Composition notebook for Stems and Grammar. The first half will be where you keep your Yellow Lists and Quizzes.
  • Spiral notebook for Literature work and notes. We call it the Interactive Reader’s Notebook (IRN) or Ernie.
  • Binder with dividers for your units 6A-6E, Stems and Grammar, and SAT warm-ups.
  • SpringBoard. I’ll give you your copy.
  • Homework Folder. You will keep your weekly and any nightly homework in this folder so that you do not have to carry your Binder and everything back and forth to your locker, class, and home. This makes keeping up with your work SUPER EASY and EFFICIENT!

You will have to keep this organized, so that you can find your work quickly and efficiently.

On average, you will have between 30-60 minutes of homework each week. Well, sometimes it might be 65 minutes. 🙂  However, this depends on how much you accomplish in class.

Let’s get started!

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