Unit 6B – Wrap-up

Over the last two days, we’ve revisited the Visual Thesaurus activity from TLT, Chapter 1 to remind us of the “big ideas”.  You were also asked to create thematic statements for the following “big ideas” — responsibility and identity. Now that we have completed the novel and the unit, it’s time to reflect on the themes that you, the reader, were able to  identify.

Location: IRNies

Date                        TLT – Themes/SAR – Novel Wrap-up

Prompt: Identify a major theme in The Lightning Thief. Be sure to provide textual evidence and commentary.


Theme (“big idea” + “so what?” – TILL) – Univeral message from the author/text to the reader

SAR = Short Answer Response (has three parts)

A = Assertion: “answer” to the prompt
E = Evidence: textual support to “back up” your Assertion
C = Commentary: How does the Evidence connect to the Assertion? Provide insight that isn’t obvious. Commentary is not a restatement of the evidence.

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