Light Bearer Letter Check

Final thoughts from Ms. Caskey:  I hope that the Individual Letter Share and Respond activity today was helpful to you as you had the opportunity to read aloud your letter and listen to the feedback from your classmates and from me.

As you look to make your final edits and revisions for your letter, take the following into consideration:

1. Does your letter have a message that your light bearer wants to share with humankind about changing the universe? Does this message sound like it would only come from your light bearer (because it should). Is the message related to your light bearer’s life, experiences, contributions, etc. (information from your research).

2. Does the research support the message from your light bearer? Does the biographical information support the message? Do the contributions of your light bearer support the message? What information from your research led you to create the message that your light bearer wants to share?

3. Does the letter reflect the personality of you light bearer? Can you hear the voice of your light bearer? Did you have to use “old-fashioned” language, scientific language, etc.?

4. Handwrite your final copy to reinforce the idea of the art of the letter. 🙂

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