Vocabulary Log, Part 2

Location: Vocabulary Notebook

One new activity that we will add to this semester’s learning is the Vocabulary Log for your Yellow Lists. In your notebook, you have been keeping track of your lists and quizzes, while the activities have been stored in your OWL. Starting this semester, this is the order for your Vocabulary Notebook:

Yellow List
Vocabulary Log

The Vocabulary Log is another independent learning opportunity. Here are some of the benefits: 

1. Extends your learning beyond the classroom
2. Helps you to decode the meaning of unfamiliar words 
3. Increases your vocabulary bank for writing and speaking

 FORMAT UPDATE: Here is what your Vocabulary Log MUST look like:

YL# – Vocabulary Log

 Number Date Found Stem or Vocabulary   Complete Sentence  Source Decoded meaning  Dictionary Definition
 Example             1/05  PRIM          ” . . . .  primary school  . . . ”   “Article Title”   & Source Name   prim means first so maybe it means the first school  “preparatory to something else in a continuing process” 







** You must have at least 5 entries in your log.

** Read online newspapers or magazines so that you give yourself the best opportunities to encounter challenging words. :)

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