Literary Analysis Reminders

Background information
Thesis Statement

Body Paragraphs:
Topic Sentence. This sentence identifies the topic of discussion for the paragraph.
Evidence. These are the 2-3 specific details, examples, or direct quotations (select/key phrases) from the novel that explain, support, and/or prove the topic sentence.
Commentary. These sentences  explain and show how and why topic sentence and evidence are connected (your analysis).
Closing Sentence. This sentence closes out the topic of this paragraph and transitions into the next paragraph.
Be choosy about what details you want to include to support your essay. The better your evidence, the more insightful and interesting commentary you will have.


Here are some links to videos to help re-explain the thesis statement.


Example of Character Analysis Using STEAL:

Character: Reverand Parris
Character Analysis: Hypocrite

Topic Sentence (Assertion): Reverand Parris portrays himself to be something more than he is, which makes him a hypocrite.

Text Evidence/Example/Detail: ” ‘I am a graduate of Harvard College.’ ” (I, 180)  — STEAL: Speech
**Direct Quotation  (Tells the reader that if you go to this section of the text, you will find the exact same words).

Commentary (Effect): Parris wants people to believe that he is worthy of receiving a better pay by claiming to be a graduate of Harvard.  Although he did attend Harvard, he did not graduate from there.  Parris believes that his statement will win him approval in the village by presenting himself in a more elevated manner.

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