Pronouns Study (Review)

This is an  intensive, self-paced multi-week review that should be completed before February 21. Each step of this review will give you an idea of your progress that will determine how much time you will need to devote to your learning.

  1. In your Grammar Notebook, using only your memory, create a Frayer Model for Pronouns: Definition, Characteristics/Illustration, Examples, & Non-examples.
  2. When you’ve done all the you can with the FM, refer to your SpringBoard and your previous grammar notes to fill in any gaps (use a different color pen).
  3. Log-in to a computer/tablet and go to the Grammar tab on the blog
  4. “Play” with grammar using the following resources: “GrammarBytes”  (on the blog); “Grammar Pop” (not free); or “Quiz Up” (free).
  5. Access: to learn more about Pronouns and create various pronouns charts/tables in your Grammar Notebook. You can search pronouns and click on “images” to see the kinds of charts/tables you can create to help you.

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