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Ficbonpotentbeanni (fik-bon-poe-tent-bee-ANN-ee) — means make good, power, life years

It looks like various blues and greens are the color choice for tomorrow…like a winter wonderland! Be festive!

Symbol: A triangle with the use of 3 different colors

Vowels Control Your Brain (NPR)

“Here’s something you should know about yourself. Vowels control your brain.

With these words, your tongue depresses and folds back a bit. So “O”, “A” and “U” are called “back” of the throat vowels.

OK, here’s the weird part.

When comparing words across language groups, says Stanford linguistics professor Dan Jurafsky, a curious pattern shows up: Words with front vowels (“I” and “E”) tend to represent small, thin, light things.

Back vowels (“O” “U” and some “A”s ) show up in fat, heavy things.”