Happy New Year 2013!

Welcome, 2013!

I hope that you embrace all that 2013 will bring to you. Time goes by much more quickly than I would like. This year, I plan to enjoy each day to its fullest; to not let the little things get in the way of joy; to spend a portion of my day making someone else’s day brighter.

What do you resolve to do in 2013? I’d really enjoying reading your responses.:)

Mrs. Caskey

Let’s End This Semester…Organized!

Homework Folder:
Front Pocket: “To Do”, “To Complete” — Contains all weekly and nightly homework.
Back Pocket: “Done”, “Completed” — Contains all weekly and nightly assignments that are completed and ready to be graded or to be turned in to Mrs. Caskey.  **Graded papers are kept in their “permanent” home (OWL, Stems/Grammar NB, IRN).

Prongs: Contains “6 Weeks Bundles” of the following information:
1. Agenda/Calendar for the “marking period/6 weeks”
2. Learning Targets (formerly kept in your OWL binder)
3. Homework Tracking Sheet

You should have three “bundles” so far as we finish the 3rd marking period/6 weeks.

Stems/Grammar NB:
1st half is for your Stems — YL followed by the quiz for the YL. Starting 2nd semester, the order will be YL, YL Quiz, Vocabulary Log
2nd half is for your Grammar — Handouts, Cornell Notes, Examples

A Wrinkle (Back) in Time

Imagine that this is the first week of school.

Welcome, 6th graders! I’m Mrs. Caskey, and THIS is your GT ILA classroom! Take a look around. What kind of thinking do you feel that you’ll be doing this year?

Remember the information that I shared with you at the Parents and Students Meeting? Remember the information that my older GT students shared with you? I hope so because it will help you navigate your way to SUCCESS. And, we all want to be successful! Can I hear a “YES”?

In this classroom:

  •  We organize our work.
  • We prepare to learn every day.
  • We participate.
  • We study.
  • We think.
  • We listen.
  • We try.
  • We accept the challenges that new learning brings.


  Learning Materials:

  • Composition notebook for Stems and Grammar. The first half will be where you keep your Yellow Lists and Quizzes.
  • Spiral notebook for Literature work and notes. We call it the Interactive Reader’s Notebook (IRN) or Ernie.
  • Binder with dividers for your units 6A-6E, Stems and Grammar, and SAT warm-ups.
  • SpringBoard. I’ll give you your copy.
  • Homework Folder. You will keep your weekly and any nightly homework in this folder so that you do not have to carry your Binder and everything back and forth to your locker, class, and home. This makes keeping up with your work SUPER EASY and EFFICIENT!

You will have to keep this organized, so that you can find your work quickly and efficiently.

On average, you will have between 30-60 minutes of homework each week. Well, sometimes it might be 65 minutes. 🙂  However, this depends on how much you accomplish in class.

Let’s get started!

Q2 – #IW3: Purpose of Education

7th graders: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Why or Why not? What is your view about the purpose of education? Provide details. Be sure to incorporate your grammar knowledge and learning. Be aware of misplaced or dangling modifiers. Did you use verbals to add excitement to your response?

6th graders: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Why or Why not? What is your view about the purpose of education? Provide details. Be aware of your use of conjunctions (FANBOYS) and punctuation.

 **If you are “stuck” as to where to begin with your response, choose a sentence or two that you agree or disagree with. Brainstorm.

TAGT Call to Parents

Dear GT Parents,

The Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented (TAGT) is hosting its Annual Parent Conference at the Downtown Dallas Sheraton this Friday, November 30. This conference is only held in the DFW area once every three years. Click here for the schedule: Parent Conference Program

This year’s Parent Conference is unparalleled in that it is being held concurrently with the Professional Annual Conference, providing access to vendors and breakout session experts normally reserved just for educators.  Plan to arrive Friday morning as early as 7:30a (for bonus sessions) or as late as 12:30 pm to sign up and participate – see conference schedule details in the program.  Registration is $55 for members (join on site), $80 for nonmembers.

Do you have a work commitment on Friday? TAGT is hosting a special parent networking session  on Wed evening (11/28) also at the Downtown Dallas Sheraton free of charge. While not as educational, this bonus session was created for parents to have an opportunity to at least connect with the largest state gifted association in the country. The evening program begins at 6:45p after an optional reception.

Take advantage of these events to learn how to better meet the unique needs of your gifted child(ren) and become an informed advocate!



Remember that I will be gone Friday. Please make sure that you’ve made other arrangements to meet with your mentors/mentees.

Please be  FABULOUS for your substitute. You will receive a handout of instructions. If you don’t, please ask kindly for this as you’ve been told that you’ll have an instructions handout. 🙂

Also, I believe that everyone has turned in all their required work, but, if for some crazy reason you haven’t, please do so by Monday morning.

I’ll miss your silliness and will see you Monday!

Mrs. Caskey

Grammar Retest

Reminder:  The retake policy states that if you wish to retake an exam/test, you must fulfill the requirements set by the teacher.

Written Explanation. If you wish to take the grammar re-test, you will need to provide a well-composed response to the following questions in a paragraph format:

  • What steps did you take to prepare for the exam? How much time did you devote to prepare for the exam?
  • What factors contributed to the grade that you earned on the grammar exam?
  • What will you do in the future so that you might avoid having to retake an exam/test?

Grammar Re-test Exercises.
Option #1: These exercises must be completed prior to your re-taking the grammar exam. Complete at least three exercises from this site http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/quiz_list.htm. The  exercises you choose should directly correlate to the parts of the test with which you had the most difficulty. You will need to provide a 2-3 sentence explanation about what clarification you had after having completed the exercise.

Option #2:  Complete the assignments in the packet “Identifying Parts of Speech, ” identifying only those that were tested (nouns, pronouns, adjectives).