FISD Rationale
The Frisco ISD Gifted and Talented Department utilizes a research-based, systematic approach to grammar instruction that is responsive to the academic needs of gifted students.  Beginning in sixth grade and progressing through eighth grade, this approach…

  • supports depth and complexity,
  • increases the development of analytical and creative writing skills,
  • helps students build a better command of syntax,
  • improves students’ use of language–both spoken and written,
  • supports writing development across content areas,
  • aligns with the state curriculum, and
  • prepares students for rigorous standardized assessments and future professional endeavors.

Ms. Caskey’s musings: Grammar is the system of language. In order to focus on the learning, students must learn the terminology that are associated with each grammar lesson.  Use this at-a-glance handout to learn the terminology and the four levels of traditional grammar: Grammar At-a-Glance. / 4Level Work Flow. Also, the SAT warm-ups offer you the opportunity to apply your knowledge of grammar, usage, and mechanics. All quizzes and exams are cumulative. Once learned, always learned. 🙂 

Resources and Guides:

Grammar Pop (iPad App)
Grammar Girl (Quick Tips & Tutorials)
Guide to Grammar and Writing  (Sponsored by the Capital Community College Foundation)
Grammar Book (The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation)
Grammar Bytes (Chomp Chomp)
Grammarphobia (Grammar, Usage, Etymology, and More)
Grammarphobia (blog)
Verb Conjugator
Common Irregular Verbs List (

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