December SAGE Game Night

December Games Night:
Tuesday, December 6th
6pm – 8pm
Liberty HS

Upcoming dates and locations:

  • Jan 17  Frisco
  • Feb 16  Lone Star
  • March 20  Centennial
  • April 17  Heritage
  • May 3  Wakeland

“We had an awesome turnout and amazing feedback from our first game night.  The kids seemed to enjoy themselves, and the parents enjoyed the presentation.  Our presentation this month will have a component for both students and parents and promises to be very exciting!!!  I have heard great things about the Arts and Technology Institute here in Frisco, which is run by some amazingly talented people.  If you are interested in checking it out, their website is”

Cindy Badon
Frisco ISD SAGE District Chair


Frisco SAGE
Frisco SAGE is a committee of the Frisco Council of PTA’s.  We endeavor to provide education and support to families of diverse learners.
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Angel Tree

It is that time of year when the spirit of the holidays fills us with joy! We want to spread that feeling to families in Frisco who need help insuring the holidays are memorable and filled with wonder for their children.

Our class is participating in a service project to sponsor an “Angel” during this holiday season. Gifts and/or money for Maus’ Angels are due Monday, November 28th, the Monday after we return from Thanksgiving break.  It is a short window to collect gifts but I know we will do a great job because we are Mausome!

Our Angel is #1455
Age 14, Girl
Pants: 14
Shirt: Large
Shoes: 5.5
Coat Medium
Underwear: Large

NEED: Winter Clothes & Shoes
WISH: Radio

Please send your donations to school with your child:

1. Un-wrapped
2. In bag labeled with the ANGEL NUMBER (#1455)
3. If you are buying for more than one angel, please send in separate bags, with angel number on each gift.
4. If you would like to donate wrapping paper, please send a roll with your gifts.
5. We have bike vouchers available this year. If you would like to donate money for a bike, for any angel, please contact us.

REMINDER: Chain Links Club and Gamester Schedule

Chain Links Meetings and Gamester Schedule

This year, Chain Links Club meetings are going to focus on the climate in our school, working to promote acceptance, respect, kindness and compassion. In the spring, we’ll focus on spreading kindness overseas to our troops.

Gamester will be once a month this year in an attempt to get more kids involved on a regular basis, especially our 6th graders who don’t have as many extra-curricular opportunities. If you have any board games you’d like to donate to the organization, please let me know.



Former student news –
Former FISD student Ethan Bonar recently collaborated on a book with his employer, Lloyd Lowe, Sr. Ethan works for his advisory company and they wrote a pictorial and practical book entitled, “Life’s Bridges, Building Your Bridge to Financial Wealth.


Opportunities –
Please don’t forget to look at the opportunities area of the intranet to see ways to help others, like the Cupcakes for a Cause fundraiser on Sunday at Dimples Cupcakes for our little friend at Purefoy –


Veterans’ Day – 11.11.11

To our men and women who have served and continue to serve our country willingly and lovingly and honorably, THANK YOU! This video is such a powerful and somber reminder of what this day is about and what our military families face each day.Peace be with you, Brothers and Sisters.

Thank you to my daddy (Air Force) and brother (Army)!

Was Karl Marx promoting utopia?


    • Mary Gabriel: Karl Marx is potent symbol for Americans, is used as political epithet
    • She wonders whether people who fling Marxist tag know anything about Karl Marx
    • She says Marx a middle-class activist trying to lead Prussian king to democratic reforms
    • Gabriel: Americans taught to fear him, but have adopted some of his ideas, like free education

Read the full article here.