Unit 6B – Wrap-up

Over the last two days, we’ve revisited the Visual Thesaurus activity from TLT, Chapter 1 to remind us of the “big ideas”.  You were also asked to create thematic statements for the following “big ideas” — responsibility and identity. Now that we have completed the novel and the unit, it’s time to reflect on the themes that you, the reader, were able to  identify.

Location: IRNies

Date                        TLT – Themes/SAR – Novel Wrap-up

Prompt: Identify a major theme in The Lightning Thief. Be sure to provide textual evidence and commentary.


Theme (“big idea” + “so what?” – TILL) – Univeral message from the author/text to the reader

SAR = Short Answer Response (has three parts)

A = Assertion: “answer” to the prompt
E = Evidence: textual support to “back up” your Assertion
C = Commentary: How does the Evidence connect to the Assertion? Provide insight that isn’t obvious. Commentary is not a restatement of the evidence.

TLT – Critical Thinking Questions

Each table will be responsible for leading the discussions for your “assigned” literature circle questions. Be sure to review your questions so that you come prepared to your collaborative group. On Tuesday, your group will work together and chart your information for your questions on the Big Paper. Use only one marker color to record your work. Be sure that you present your information in an organised manner. Be sure to provide text references, if necessary, and  the name of the contributing team member. On Wednesday, we will have a Silent Big Paper Discussion about each team’s LCQs.

Table 1: Questions 2, 6, 10
Table 2: Questions 3, 7, 11
Table 3: Questions 4, 8, 12
Table 4: Questions 5, 9, 13


Silent Big Paper Discussion: 
Big Papers will be posted around the room.
Be sure to have your team’s chosen marker color in hand.
You will walk around to each team’s Big Paper and SILENTLY respond to the discussion that each team has started for their assigned questions.