FISD Rationale
The Frisco ISD Gifted and Talented Department utilizes a research-based, systematic approach to vocabulary instruction that is responsive to the academic needs of gifted students. Beginning in sixth and progressing through eighth grade, this approach…

  • supports depth and complexity,
  • increases reading comprehension,
  • helps students decode words,
  • improves students’ use of language,
  • supports vocabulary development across content areas,
  • aligns with the state curriculum, and
  • prepares students for rigorous ACT and SAT assessments.

Ms. Caskey’s Musing’s: Learning Greek/Latin Stems — prefixes, suffixes, root words — can be challenging. However, if you develop strong study habits, you can accomplish this task. Try online flashcards, smartphone apps, or old-fashioned flashcards. Get some extra practice from this website too:

Weekly (home)work assignments will be given to assist with the learning. You will have typically a full week to work on these assignments unless the school calendar lengthens or shortens a week. Also, the SAT warm-ups offer you the opportunity to apply your knowledge of the stems.

Quizzes will be given after two to three weeks of study and assignments for each list. Quizzes are cumulative. Once learned, always learned. 🙂

G6 YL 1-5G6 YL 6-10
G7 YL 11-15G7 YL 16-20
G8 YL 21-25G8 YL 26-30

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English Language Roots Activities
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