School Year 2013-14

Hello! I hope you are all enjoying the last days of your summer holiday. I cannot wait to hear about the fabulous adventures, near and far, that you’ve taken. I cannot wait to tell you all about the school that I visited and that received the supplies that you all donated.

For the first day, make sure you have something to write with and to write on. 

Everyone’s Personal Supplies List:
* (5 Green) 3-pronged folders with pockets — please get the poly or plastic, not the paper
* Flash drive (to save your electronic work)
* Planner (to stay organized)
* (2) Composition Notebooks (for your grammar/stems/literary material)

We are going to put the folders together in class. If you can’t find all green folders, then just make sure you get 5 of the same color. Also, bring DUCT TAPE, plain or decorative. 🙂

Grade 7, Section 1:
* Blue/black pens
* Large 11×17 construction paper (Manila color)
* Small Post-its

Grade 7, Section 2:
* Red pens
* Large 9×12 construction paper (Colored)
* Medium Post-its

Grade 8:
* Glue 
* Kleenex
* Index Cards (3×5)