EOY Mindmap and Reflection

As you reflect on what you have on your end of year mindmap, you will need to compose a reflection writing piece. Think about your year in GT ILA  and/or in middle school. What have you learned about yourself as a student and/or as a person? Think about your learning, knowledge, and growth. Your reflection should be insightful and have depth of information. It should not be a listing of stuff (i.e., “I read this and this and this. I studied this and this and this.”) Think about the process of close reading. What do you want the reader to understand about you and your year? As always, the rules of grammar apply and be sure to follow the MLA formatting guidelines.

 ** I look forward to hearing your Talks tomorrow and to reading your reflections. **


Your name

GT ILA Grade 6 – Pd. #

Mrs. Caskey

30 May 2013


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