Angel Tree

It is that time of year when the spirit of the holidays fills us with joy! We want to spread that feeling to families in Frisco who need help insuring the holidays are memorable and filled with wonder for their children.

Our class is participating in a service project to sponsor an “Angel” during this holiday season. Gifts and/or money for Maus’ Angels are due Monday, November 28th, the Monday after we return from Thanksgiving break.  It is a short window to collect gifts but I know we will do a great job because we are Mausome!

Our Angel is #1455
Age 14, Girl
Pants: 14
Shirt: Large
Shoes: 5.5
Coat Medium
Underwear: Large

NEED: Winter Clothes & Shoes
WISH: Radio

Please send your donations to school with your child:

1. Un-wrapped
2. In bag labeled with the ANGEL NUMBER (#1455)
3. If you are buying for more than one angel, please send in separate bags, with angel number on each gift.
4. If you would like to donate wrapping paper, please send a roll with your gifts.
5. We have bike vouchers available this year. If you would like to donate money for a bike, for any angel, please contact us.

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