Hello Parents-

To avoid going to their lockers, many students have begun bringing too much stuff to each of their classes.  Students really should only bring what they need to each individual class.  Some schools have bins under their desks for storage, but Maus does not.  These items end up in the aisles.  And with larger class sizes, that means more stuff in our aisles.  Also, as we try to meet the needs of our 21st century learner, students no longer spend the whole period sitting at their desks.  We incorporate activities that require students to get up and walk around, which is difficult with materials cluttering the aisles.   Aside from cluttering the aisles, more stuff in class makes it harder to get organized or find that one worksheet or project the teacher asks for because students have to spend so much time digging through all of the stuff.

Students have four minutes between passing periods.  That is plenty of time, especially since most of their classes are right next to each other.  We are asking students to use the time as it is meant for: going to their lockers, putting up one class’s materials and getting another’s.

We want to make you aware of the situation because students who don’t comply may receive a tardy to class.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you!
The 8th Grade Pumas Team


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