Ten Destination ImagiNation Teams Headed to State in April

Ten Destination ImagiNation (DI)I teams qualified to attend the state competition in Corpus Christi on April 13-14th, according to information provided by parent managers and teachers. The teams represent the following FISD schools:

  • Borchardt
  • Corbell
  • Taylor
  • Riddle
  • Ashley
  • Bledsoe
  • Smith
  • Clark
  • Fowler
  • Heritage

Gifted and Talented Coordinator Julie Martin noted that a total of 23 teams qualified for state from this region – the 10 FISD teams among them. Principal Matt Kimball of Smith was proud to note that two of the teams have links to Smith Elementary and winning parent manager Sunita Patel. A third grade team from Smith that is managed by Patel is headed to state as is her sixth grade team from Clark. The Clark team, managed by Patel, was last year’s Global champion,and its members were Smith fifth graders at the time of the win.

The Heritage High School DI Team, of which Maus‘ very own Shivam Duttis a member, placed first in the Regional tournament. They will be going to the Texas State competition in Corpus Christi. The team also won the Renaissance Award for their outstanding skill in designing a giant barn, engineering special effects and a soundtrack, and performing as though they were in a movie trailer.┬áTheir props were amazing with lots of chick-fil-a cows. They were connected with pvc pipe and rotated around to look like a herd of cows running, and their costumes were priceless.Congratulations, students and parents! The Heritage Team Manager is Brenda Bannoura (brendabannoura@yahoo.com).

Destination ImagiNation is an international competitive program that promotes team work, critical thinking, problem solving and other 21st century skills. Areas of competition include challenges, which can have theatrical, structural, improvisational, scientific or technical focuses.

The FISD teams range from third grade to high school. After successful state competition, teams compete at what is called Global Finals. Teams that compete at Global Finals represent well over 100 countries.

DI teams begin preparing for tournaments months in advance. DI competition features challenges that are science and math based, and others in the arts. Each challenge has a technical and a creative element to the challenge.


For more information about Destination ImagiNation, visit http://www.idodi.org.

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