Spring Break


I hope that you enjoy your Spring Break and that your week is filled with memories, big and small. See you all Monday, March 19.

Grade 6:

  •  SSW – Q3
  • YL 8 Activities
  • Begin Crispin

 Grade 7:

  •  SSW – Q3
  • YL18 Activities
  • Hound of the Baskervilles (Lit Circle)
  • Review Writing Skills. Narrative: 1. Identify a topic in TATS 2.  How is this the theme? (TILL) 3. How does this translate into your life lesson?
  • Example: 1. Obstacles 2. The author wants the reader to understand that people  face obstacles that make them stronger. 3. When I was ….., I faced the obstacle of ….
  • Develop into narrative (refer to your previous assignment)
Grade 8:
  • SSW – Q3
  • Study YL27
  • Peace Like a River
  • Physicalization Performance (postponed per your request)

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