The Marshmallow Challenge

Hello, Grade 6!

I hope you had a fun time with The Marshmallow Challenge today!


I’d like for you to think about the following questions and to be ready ┬áto discuss your thoughts in class on Tuesday.

  1. What was the objective?
  2. What skills and strategies did you and your teammates have to have in order to accomplish this challenge successfully?
  3. Why do you think I had you tackle this challenge on your first day back to school?


2 thoughts on “The Marshmallow Challenge

  1. 1. The objective was to use the given materials to create a free standing tower that had the marshmallow on top.

    2. We had to work together and think logistically.

    3. I think you had us do this challenge to give us a sneak peak of the year and help us work with the people in our group to get to know each other better.


  2. The objective of the project was to use teamwork and build a structure out of 12 spaghetti sticks, 1 yard of tape, a piece of string, and 1 marshmellow and to make friends with each other.

    we needed a person to hold the sticks, someone to put down the tape in the correct place, then we needed a person to put the marshmellow on the top, and finally have someone to put the string as decoration.

    You made us do this project on the first day of school because so we can learn to cooperate with each other and so that we make friends and learn each person’s name.

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