Grammar Retest

Reminder:  The retake policy states that if you wish to retake an exam/test, you must fulfill the requirements set by the teacher.

Written Explanation. If you wish to take the grammar re-test, you will need to provide a well-composed response to the following questions in a paragraph format:

  • What steps did you take to prepare for the exam? How much time did you devote to prepare for the exam?
  • What factors contributed to the grade that you earned on the grammar exam?
  • What will you do in the future so that you might avoid having to retake an exam/test?

Grammar Re-test Exercises.
Option #1: These exercises must be completed prior to your re-taking the grammar exam. Complete at least three exercises from this site The  exercises you choose should directly correlate to the parts of the test with which you had the most difficulty. You will need to provide a 2-3 sentence explanation about what clarification you had after having completed the exercise.

Option #2:  Complete the assignments in the packet “Identifying Parts of Speech, ” identifying only those that were tested (nouns, pronouns, adjectives).

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