Support your Peers


A plea for support from a student:

Hi Mrs. Caskey,

I recently made a blog-as you know. The blog was primarily made to increase popularity of a story I’m writing, and maybe (I’m dreaming high with this) publish it one day. As well as that, I’m focusing the home page on news in technology, science, politics, and soon writing. The “Doom-Driven” page has info about the story I’m writing, and the rest of the pages are pretty self-explanatory.

I have a team of three other people–Sanjna, Leslie, and Will–helping with different branches. These three people and I will make the blog the best it can be, and also try to make a profit. As well as mine, Will is considering to write a story for profit, (later on of course) and Sanjna and Leslie are still thinking about their profitable idea. I think we can make the blog a real success, soon move on to an actual website, and pursue dreams with the meeting of our ideas.

Please tell the 6th and 7th graders (the blog has a G/T Section by the way) about the blog, and a little info as stated above. The blog link is .

Thank you,

Mahim Nalluri

Independent Writing – 10.17

Reminder: This is a QUIET and SUSTAINED activity for the entire 10 minutes.

Think about the many things that you heard the guest speaker share with you yesterday. What lesson(s) did you take away from yesterday’s message and how will you apply that your life starting today?

Keys to Success – Yes, YOU Can!
1. Build high self esteem- have confidence
2. Focus w positive attitude
3. Set Goals- set them high!
4. Persevere! Don’t give up, don’t quit! If it’s not working don’t quit, modify..
5. Take care of your health – body, mind, eat right, exercise – say no to drugs/alcohol – healthy spirit.

Only limitations we have are those we place on ourselves!