A Season of Gratitude

Open mind
Open heart
Open sight
Open hearing

As November began, I noticed that many of my friends were posting on their Facebook something that they were thankful for each day. Some were specific, some were general. I thought it odd that we only focused on gratitude the one month or the one day — Thanksgiving. I also found irony and sadness in the fact that along with all this thankfulness, Black Friday and Black Friday Eve sales were everywhere…in search of  “more”.

So, these month-long posts had me thinking that I used to take the time and effort to write down my daily appreciations. I even bought the most beautiful journals and pen ( I have an obsession with having the “just right” pen) because that would make me want to write. This is sound and solid reasoning, of course.  Then I quit. It was too much. I’ll just make sure that I stay grateful. And, making my children be thankful will remind me to be thankful. Again, sound and solid reasoning. Without fail, this did work…not!

As I enter a new season, literally, winter, I’m making the decision to renew this practice. For you literature folks, you’ll see the irony of  “renewal” in “winter”. I remind myself constantly to be content and grateful for the now, but I’ve stopped making it a habit to write down those moments in writing.  One of my favorite sayings is from Meister Eckhart, “If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is ‘thank you’, it will be enough”.  As we leave Thanksgiving day, I plan to continue my season of gratitude, and I welcome you to do the same.

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