Let’s End This Semester…Organized!

Homework Folder:
Front Pocket: “To Do”, “To Complete” — Contains all weekly and nightly homework.
Back Pocket: “Done”, “Completed” — Contains all weekly and nightly assignments that are completed and ready to be graded or to be turned in to Mrs. Caskey. ¬†**Graded papers are kept in their “permanent” home (OWL, Stems/Grammar NB, IRN).

Prongs: Contains “6 Weeks Bundles” of the following information:
1. Agenda/Calendar for the “marking period/6 weeks”
2. Learning Targets (formerly kept in your OWL binder)
3. Homework Tracking Sheet

You should have three “bundles” so far as we finish the 3rd marking period/6 weeks.

Stems/Grammar NB:
1st half is for your Stems — YL followed by the quiz for the YL. Starting 2nd semester, the order will be YL, YL Quiz, Vocabulary Log
2nd half is for your Grammar —¬†Handouts,¬†Cornell Notes, Examples

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