Tangerine and Sinkholes

SB, 3.14

1. Research information about sinkholes for clearer understanding.
2. Search, find, and read a true report of an amazing rescue and record your findings on pg. 193, SB. If you do not find any interesting or amazing reports through your independent search, you can read a true report by clicking here.
3. Complete the assignment on p. 194, SB.

Stretch Your Thinking: Reread the entries dated September 9 and September 11. What is Paul’s self-concept according to the information from September 9 (at this point in the novel)? Think about the juxtaposition of Paul’s self-concept and the event on September 11. How are the two connected?

“In literature, juxtaposition is a literary device wherein the author places a person, concept, place, idea or theme parallel to another. The purpose of juxtaposing two directly/indirectly related entities close together in literature is to highlight the contrast between the two and compare them. This literary device is usually used for etching out a character in detail, creating suspense or lending a rhetorical effect.”  (literary-devices.com)

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