Unpacking and Mind Mapping Embedded Assessments

We are tweaking the way we unpack our Embedded Assessments. How, you ask? After you read and annotate your EA for the knowledge and skills, you will make a mind map of the information. The directions on how to mind map, start to finish, can be found here: http://www.mindmapinspiration.com/drawing-a-mind-map-from-start-to-finish/. Be sure that you read and reread before you begin the first step.

To recap, first, you must read and annotate your EA handout. Second, you must read the directions step by step before you begin your mind map. Third, begin creating your mind map. Remember, your mind map is unique to you because you will pull out the information that is important to your being successful with the assessment and map that information so that it makes sense to your learning.

Partner Activity:
(Materials: Annotated EA, pencil, computer)

1. Work with a table partner.
2. Discuss what each of you unpacked in the EA.
3. Access the class blog.
3. Open the link for drawing a mind map.
4. Read the directions.
5. Begin your mind map based on your unpacked EA and discussion.
6. Student-created mind maps are available on the back table for you to reference in addition to the ones on the website.

Class Mind Map:
1. At your tables, share and discuss your mind maps. One person at a time speaks and shares. Everyone at the table shares.
2. Discuss what information — words and images (if an image is necessary) — needs to be represented on the class mind map to serve as a reminder of  what the essential components of the EA are.
3. Each table group will contribute to the class mind map, round-robin style.
4. One person from each group will be the scribe. Each round will have a new scribe. 
6. As your scribe writes on the class mind map,  another person at your table will explain your table’s contribution (words/image). Each round will have a new speaker.
7. We will do this at least 3 rounds depending on the type of information that is mapped.

Completed Mindmap:
Once you’ve determined which light bearer you will research, revisit your mind map. Determine where you need to map additional information specific to your famous person. Your completed mind map is due on Tuesday, February 19. This is a part of your Prewrite for your EA. Remember, the better your prewrite (gathering information), the better the paper.


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