Frisco ISD Students Showcase Spelling Skills

Congratulations to our very own Revanth Muppana! Our class is so proud of your accomplishment!

Maus Middle School sixth grader Revanth Muppana finished in second place, falling in seven rounds with the word bacteriophage.

Muppana was defeated only by eighth grader Chetan Reddy of Plano ISD’s Rice Middle School, a four-time winner of the Collin County Spelling Bee, three-time winner of the Dallas Morning News Regional Spelling Bee and three-time participant in the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

This was the first year Maus hosted a spelling bee and sent a student to compete in the county bee. Only sixth graders participated in the competition.

“Revanth’s mother quizzed him over a large list of recommended words, approximately 50 words a night and then 100 words per night,” said Ginger McClendon, Maus sixth grade study skills teacher. “We are so proud of Revanth’s hard work and to call him a friend, student and Mountain Lion.”

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