8th Grade Summer Reading

1. Hero’s Journey
a)     Overview to introduce the hero’s journey.
b)     TED-Ed  four minute video that succinctly introduces the patterns in literature and in our lives relative to the hero’s journey (Joseph Campbell)
2Archetypes Overview

3. J. R. R. Tolkien 
a)     Biography and Facts
b)     BrainPOP video

4. The Hobbit
a)      Movie trailer for The Hobbit.
b)      Blog posts

4 thoughts on “8th Grade Summer Reading

  1. Greetings Mrs.Caskey! As I am nearing the end of the novel, it has come to my attention that long ago in a galaxy far far away, you have told us (The 8th graders) to complete the hero’s journey assignment for the protagonist, Bilbo. I am posting this comment in an attempt to clarify that we (The 8th graders) are only completing the hero’s journey assignment, if I am mistaken and there are additional tasks, not just the hero’s journey please put the other assignments in a response. Thank you for your time and have a wonder filled rest of the summer!

    • Hello, DrMatchu! Sorry for the late reply. I’ve recently returned from being out of the country and spent the week trying to get things in order. I also believe that you should be enjoying every last moment of your summer. 🙂

      Everything that you were asked to do with summer reading was posted before we left for summer holiday. I’d say be familiar with your novel and be able to delve deeply so that we can have insightful discussions. See you all very soon!

    • The titles that you see on the Lone Star List and featured on the trailer are the books from which you may choose your summer reading. ISBNs were not provided; however in the past, Barnes and Noble has partnered with FISD to have the summer reading novels available. I didn’t hear if this is the case this year, but start there. 🙂

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