New School Year

Hello, Mausome GT Parents/Guardians,

I hope this email finds you well and that a memorable summer was had by all! I, jokingly, told the kiddos last year that I would be researching their summer reading by spending some time in the land of the hobbits. Although,  I didn’t see any hobbits, I did see the Misty Mountains (aka The Remarkables) and some other sites.

I always enjoy seeing the kids after summer because they change so much, and they’ll continue to change as this year progresses, personally and academically. I’m so lucky that I get this benefit by being able to be their teacher another year.

What have we been doing? LOADS! Did they tell you about the Marshmallow Challenge? Our motto from that: Think like a Kindergartner – dauntless and creative. We’ve also spent several days reviewing, deepening, and solidifying our understanding of the hero’s journey – from fairy tales to personal stories to fiction. On Friday, we will have a gallery walk of their mindmaps for The Hobbit. I can’t wait to see the finished product of their thinking and their mapping of Bilbo’s journey. The drafts look intriguing.

Tomorrow, they will take their district-required expository CBAP (their first major grade). We’ve been working towards this since the first day, and I hope they see the connection when they see the prompt tomorrow. We will want to do our best and keep in mind that there will be a revision portion next week. 🙂

Finally, I told the kids to bring a coloring book. We are going to use this as a “brain break, get our creative process going” activity. Personally, coloring  is something that I still do as an adult, especially when I have to do any kind of lengthy writing.

Thank you, again, for sharing your kids with me for another year.

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