The Scarlet Pimpernel/Fr. Revolution

Research topics by groups: What are the key points and information about your topic? What are the connections to the French Revolution – before & after?

Group 1: First Estate
Group 2: Second Estate
Group 3: Third Estate
Group 4: Versailles/Marie Antoinette
Group 5: Baroness Orzy

You may use these sites as starting points to learning more about:

1) the causes of the French Revolution;
2) the important figures of this time period/aristocrats; and
3) the results of the Revolution.

Marie Antoinette | PBS
Marie Antoinette is the official online companion to the PBS documentary Marie Antoinette. It contains a wealth of information about Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution, including educational guides.

Scientific Revolution, Enlightenment & French Revolution
The Galileo Project Hosted by Rice University, the Galileo Project provides information about Galileo’s family, career, and scientific inquiries. Included are a list of Galileo Project texts, an ov…

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