The Hunger Games

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Writing Skills Revisited

Here are some tools and reminders.

Refer to the sample analysis of the expository essay here. What are the differences between writing a narrative and expository?

  1. Point of  View changes from _________ to ___________.
  2. Pronoun usage changes from _______ person to _______ person.
  3. Storytelling vs. Persuading, Informing, etc.
  4. What other differences do you see when you look at your writing pieces?

If you feel that you will struggle with keeping the two modes of writing separate, then keep this in mind:

  1. Personal narratives is “all about me.”  The events, the feelings, the outcomes all relate to “me.”
  2. Expository writing is your opportunity to express your attitudes and opinions about topics and trying to get the audience to see the topics the same way you do.
  3. Steps to transitioning from personal narrative to expository writing:
  • Example Topic: Individual player vs. team player
  • Think about your experiences related to the topic.
  • Did you have negative or positive experiences with each?
  • Based on your experiences, do you have a preference? Why?
  • What lessons did you learn from these experiences? Were they positive or negative?
  • What’s the life lesson based on your experience that you’d like the audience to “see” or understand.


Survey Results

Ficbonpotentbeanni (fik-bon-poe-tent-bee-ANN-ee) — means make good, power, life years

It looks like various blues and greens are the color choice for tomorrow…like a winter wonderland! Be festive!

Symbol: A triangle with the use of 3 different colors

Veterans’ Day – 11.11.11

To our men and women who have served and continue to serve our country willingly and lovingly and honorably, THANK YOU! This video is such a powerful and somber reminder of what this day is about and what our military families face each day.Peace be with you, Brothers and Sisters.

Thank you to my daddy (Air Force) and brother (Army)!