TEDxKids@SMU 2014 Auditions

Posted onJuly 27, 2014 
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Hi, kids!

You all know that one of the best days in G/T has been our day excursions to TEDxKids. I know that you all have super ideas and stories to share, so here’s an opportunity for a “pursuit”.

Ms. C

But first we are looking for a young person to delight us with a short talk or performance! We are holding our second annual Auditions for TEDxKids@SMU!
Boys and girls ages 10 to 18 are welcome to submit a video that is between 60 and 90 seconds. We want your best story, your latest invention, your funniest moment or your talented performance. Almost anything goes and the winner will be invited to perform during TEDxKids@SMU on October 31st!
Submissions will open July 21st and close on September 3rd. After submissions close, a panel of judges will review every video and select a group of finalists. Those videos will be posted on our website and open to the public to vote for their one favorite, one vote per email address. Voting will open September 8th and close September 12th and we will announce the winner on September 15th.For more information, guidelines and to submit your audition application click here:


If you have any questions please email us at [email protected] or call 214-768-1558.

Best of Luck,

The TEDxSMU Team

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G/T Class Project

Posted onJuly 25, 2014 
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Hi, everyone!

I hope you all are having had an adventurous summer, either at home or afar! My summer definitely began to pick up in July.

All summer, I’ve been making notes of what the new school year will bring, and I think this one would be fun to do: http://littlefreelibrary.org/.

See you all very soon,

Ms. C

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To Kill A Mockingbird

Posted onJune 4, 2014 
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1.       Show book trailer: To Kill a Mockingbird book trailer.

 2.       Read and analyze “Killing the Mockingbird: Historical and Contemporary Efforts to Ban Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird” by Nicholas Patler (literary analysis of To Kill a Mockingbird). You can access the article online. While challenging, this literary analysis essay provides a great deal of contextual knowledge about the novel and provides a real-world example of this style of writing.
MLA citation for the article:
Patler, Nicholas. “Killing the Mockingbird: Historical and Contemporary Efforts to Ban Harper Lee’s To Kill AMockingbird.” Weblog
post. Nicholaspatlers Weblog. N.p., 28 July 2009. Web. 14 May 2013
Here are a couple of  ”Crash Course” videos by John Green on the book. They are simply fantastic.
Race, Class, and Gender in To Kill a Mockingbird:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDS32LEe1Ss
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XC – Letter

Posted onMay 19, 2014 
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“The below email was sent by one of the Police Department’s Public Safety Officers.  It explains that he will be assisting Eric Thelie a 91 year old WWII veteran on Honor Flight #20.  Please read his email and visit the website to gain further understanding of how this honors his sacrifice and the sacrifice of others during World War II.
I would like to challenge each of you to write a letter to be presented to Mr. Thelie on the return flight.  It would also be a show of great appreciation and respect if students could also write letters.  If you and/or your students complete letters I will personally deliver them to the PD, so that they can be presented to Mr. Thelie.  Please have them to me by noon on Wednesday May 21st (2 days from now).”
Subject: Honor Flight Trip #20
Friends and Co-workers,
I’m sure many of you have heard of or are familiar with the great work of Honor Flight.  This organization, started several years ago in Ohio, works diligently, to get as many World War II veterans as possible to Washington DC to see their World War II memorial.  As you can imagine, time is of the essence in this task.
Honor Flight DFW website:  http://honorflightdfw.org/
Later this month, I am traveling with Frisco resident and WW 2 Navy veteran, Eric Thelie who is 91 years young.  I met Eric while driving the bus/van at the Frisco Senior Center some years ago. 
Those of us who travel with these vets are called “Guardians” although the veterans apparently prefer the term “butler”.  Regardless, one of our tasks is to gather letters, notes, and any other expressions of gratitude from folks that want to express their thanks or simply good wishes for what they did for us many years ago.
I don’t think it is overstated in any way to say these people literally saved the world by their work and sacrifice.  Because I believe many of you agree with me, I am asking each of you to consider writing your thoughts, gratitude, etc. in an email or even by hand (yes some of us still do that) to Eric so that he will have these to read and to keep with him always.  These letters, kept as a secret until the return trip from DC, will be presented to the veterans on the flight back to DFW.  The veterans will read, or in some cases have read to them, their letters during this return trip.  This will be one of the most memorable and significant parts of the Honor Flight experience.  You can help make it so.
My thanks to each of you for considering this.
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Tom Sawyer: Characterization/County Food Fair

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Tom Sawyer: Characterization/County Food Fair

  1. Choose a character that interests you the most and that you’d like to analyze using STEAL.
  2. It can be a major character,  a minor character, a moral character, or an immoral character.
  3. The cardstock is for your FINAL, so work on scratch paper.
  5. As part of the brainstorming process, you will need to look for 5 interesting pieces of text evidence for each letter of the STEAL acronym. That means you will have 25 pieces of interesting and revealing text evidence that allows you to analyse your chosen character.
  6. These 25 pieces of text evidence should come from throughout the book, not just from one section. These must show or reveal who your character is as a person (STEAL).​
  7. Be sure to include the analysis and the 5 to 7 of the most revealing pieces of text evidence on your cardstock. This must be neatly and creatively done.
  8. The analysis can be done for each letter or written in paragraph form.
  9. You will need to illustrate your character. The illustration and the analysis should be all on the front of the cardstock.

“County Food Fair”: Match a Southern dish to your character. For example, if I analyse Huck Finn, I might choose Mississippi Mud Pie to represent him – (layered (multi-dimensional, hard crust (life’s struggles), chocolate (dark), and white (innocence), Mississippi (regional).

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2014 ISM Final Presentation Night

Posted onMay 9, 2014 
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Lone Star High School – May 14th
Liberty High School – May 16th
 Heritage/Centennial High Schools (at Heritage) – May 21st
Frisco High School – May 21st
Wakeland High School – May 21st
The schedule can vary slightly depending on how large the ISM program is at that school:
Showcase in Cafeteria – Starts at 6:15 – 6:30 pm (come-and-go style)
Mentor Acknowledgment – Auditorium – Begins around 7:00 pm
Individual Student Presentations – Begins around 7:45 pm – Various Classrooms
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ToTS: Chirpstory

Posted onMay 2, 2014 
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(Mr. Kindred) Here is the link to the presentation:


Provide your ToTS Twitter account link here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1xw7y2MC-MAQgzp07L_rsKVsplEH_wvIan3PI4OjlNfU/viewform?sid&c=0&w=1&token&usp=mail_form_link


Fill in the information related to your Chirpstory here. Be sure to view the video on vimeo about Chirpstory.

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Lessons from Auschwitz – Benjamin Zander

Posted onApril 30, 2014 
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The Power of Our Words:

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Time Periods in and around Shakespeare

Posted onApril 25, 2014 
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Read about the time periods in and around William Shakespeare:

Outline: Read the Renaissance, Reformation, and Baroque

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Audiobook Link

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